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We love having students at Well-One Health Inc. Many have gone on to serve as nurses and public health practitioners. We remain committed to make our organization available for the preparation of future health professionals. 

Students can function in affiliated- and non-affiliated roles.

Affiliated Roles

This refers to students who are placed at Well-One Health Inc., through a contractual agreement between the nonprofit and a university for the purpose of completing clinical hours towards  a professional degree. This process is initiated by either the requesting school or our organization. It is typical for the signing of the affiliation agreement to take up to 4 months. Students cannot begin without one in place. Students must request an affiliation with us in time to complete their hours. All programs wishing to rotate through our clinic must email: for contract details.

Non-Affiliated Roles

Students who prefer to volunteer on their own for career exploration or interest in serving our population, can do so without an agreement with their school. However, such students are limited to mostly non-medical duties and scribing for healthcare providers. If you are a student and you wish to volunteer on your own, outside of your school, please complete the non-medical volunteer application here.

We are open to taking students at the Perris location only. We can accommodate students from the following disciplines:


Medical Assistant


Family Nurse Practitioner (generalist only)


Public Health Administration

Nutrition/Health Promotion

Other: At school's request and contingent on our ability to comply

Students tasks include:

Community health duties 

Clinical task based on profession

Administrative duties

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