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All of our services are free to all patients. We reserve our services for individuals who are: 

1. Uninsured  (this includes those having Emergency Medi-Cal and the Medically Indigent Services Program (MISP).

2. Underinsured with income less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. You may qualify if you have Medi-Cal and Medicaid.

3. Continued eligibility will be assessed once every year for all patients.


4. We will never turn away anyone who does not meet our eligibility criteria but needs care. We will take care of you and then provide you with appropriate referrals. 


All visits are by appointment, except in rare cases. You can make an appointment online by clicking here or by calling 951-777-8225 and leaving a message with your name, date of birth, and telephone number. Someone will return your call to make the appointment. You can also walk in before clinic on Fridays to schedule your appointment.

All initial visits will be done in office to gather baseline health information.

Please arrive 30 minutes early to complete forms and to be assessed for eligibility.


Bring the following to clinic on your first appointment. You will still receive care even if you don't have these documents. Please know that we NEVER share your information with anyone without your consent. We do NOT report to immigration authorities. You can read our privacy policy here

1. Legal Identification - drivers license, passport - we also accept non-US identification.

2. Tax documents from the most recent tax year or proof of current income

3. List of all current medications

4. List of medical records, if available

5. Pen and paper to write down important information as needed

6. A close friend or relative to help you, if you need one

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